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division of Watkins-Johnson

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CEI & WJ Catalogs

Paper - Short Form

Paper - Long Form


Scanned Paper - Original Short Form Catalogs

1968 CEI catalog

1968 Communications Electronics

CEI became a division of WJ in late 1967. The CEI logo on the cover picture of the Executive Blvd. building in Rockville, MD was replaced in Feb. 1969.

1970 WJ catalog

1970 Watkin-Johnson
(May - early edition)

The CEI logo has been replaced by the WJ logo throughout this catalog. The 112 microwave receiver, the Pan-Man RS-160 and the RS-158 are new.

1970 WJ catalog cover

1970 Watkins-Johnson
(late edition)

This catalog combines listings for products from the CEI division on the East Coast with systems and antennas from the West Coast

1971 WJ catalog cover

1971 Watkins Johnson

Twice the size of the late 1970 catalog, this catalog is much slicker and contains many West Coast products like the WJ-1140 and WJ-10xx tuner series.

1978 WJ catalog cover

1978 Watkins Johnson

Features new digitally controlled VHF, UHF and microwave receivers like the WJ-8622, WJ-9023A and WJ-9025.

1982 WJ catalog

1982 Watkins Johnson

Product line straddles two eras. Has the older receivers and systems like the WJ-8888B and the RS-160, but also includes the WJ-9040 and the massive WJ-8940B.

1988 Watkins Johnson

Contains many classics like the WJ-8718A HF radio, the WJ-9040 system and great pieces like the WJ-9195C RASP unit. It also contains the first WJ-8607 miniceptor.

1989 Watkins-Johnson

Most notable change from 1988 is the miniceptor line expands slightly.

1990 Watkins-Johnson Reconnaissance Electronics Technology Division

This is primarily a WJ West Coast catalog with microwave surveillance and test equipment.

1993 Watkins Johnson

The most common catalog. I seen copies for sale at hamfests. Contains an expanded miniceptor line. Lists the WJ-8617 radios, which were produced for a long time.


Scanned Paper - Long Form Catalogs

Long form catalogs were ring binders with individual data sheets for each product. (large files!)


1966 Communications
Electronics, Inc. catalog

This is the earliest full catalog I had before I started my research. It is a much phtocopied document of poor quality missing its cover. This is nuvistor based early equipment like the 903, 701, 501 and RS-125



Electronic Catalogs


1997 Watkins Johnson

This is an electronic version of a long form catalog. Long form catalogs were collections of technical data sheets for the individual products. This catalog contains many items still current in the DRS WJ catalog.

Catalogs came in many types - Here are five common ones:
Short form catalogs
were booklets with brief descriptions of many radios and ancillary equipment in current production.
Long form catalogs
were ring binders of data sheets with much more extensive information on the individual pieces of equipment. Original long form catalogs are especially scarce.
Electronic catalogs
were distributed on compact discs. Electronic catalogs were sometimes produced in conjunction with symposium presentations.
Trade catalogs and handouts were usually made for sales personnel to use on sales calls and at trade shows like the AFCEA and AOC Conventions. These are pretty rare.
Open house catalogs were made especially for open houses and symposiums. These are pretty rare.

Current Watkins Johnson radios are still produced by DRS Technologies. The model numbers still start with "WJ " although the DRS website makes scarce mention of the name Watkins Johnson .