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Communication Electronics Technology
division of Watkins-Johnson

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These pages contain information on the Communication Electronics Technology division of
Watkins-Johnson in Gaithersburg, MD, which was started as an independent company, Communication Electronics, Inc by Ralph Grimm and a groupf of staff bolting from Vitro Electronics.
This is the last intact operation of the original WJ (now run by DRS/Finnemeccania).

This is a public window to my ongoing research into Watkins-Johnson and the history of
American telemetry and surveillance equipment (COMINT, SIGINT and ELINT).

Much of the information on these pages is provided for hobbyists and radio collectors. It covers equipment designed and built in the Gaithersburg plant of Watkins-Johnson, the Rockville plant, which produced both CEI and WJ equipment and the the Bethesda plant where Communication Electronics, Inc started their operations. For other brands, please visit my Black Radios website.

This site is not affiliated in any way with past or present owners of the Gaithersburg facility
(Watkins-Johnson, BAE, Signia-IDT, DRS Technologies or Finnemeccania)

For manuals, parts or service work try the links on the resources page.

I do not sell or broker equipment, manuals or service work. I am not a clearinghouse for information or documentation.
Most of this equipment is rare and documentation and/or software is even more rare. Please do not be offended if
I do not respond to your e-mail. I receive many requests, often with apologies and pleas of desperation.