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WJ-9040 Receiving Systems

WJ-9040 receiving systems
WJ-9040 receivers
WJ-9040 system components
WJ-8626A receiver page - with links to options and excerpts from the manual

WJ-9040 Receiving Systems

The WJ-9040 receiving system carries the design philosophy of the WJ-8617/8618 receivers to the next logical step, a modular rack mount design. The factory "receiver systems" came in a variety of configurations. they are becoming increasingly common on the surplus market.

The four systemsbelow are just a small sample of the numerous configurations that can exist. The original WJ-9040 system catalog came with black system racks and stickers of components, so cutomers could piece together their own configurations.

Broadband Collection System


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Broadband Receiving System
Signal Strength Measurement System
Transportable Collection System

WJ-9040 Receivers

The receiver/controllers and handoff receivers in the WJ-9040 will not function as stand alone units without special work. They require an external frequency standard and other components normally supplied by the components in the WJ-9040 EFR-100 equipment frame.

The receivers come in two main varieties, receiver controllers and handoff receivers.

WJ-9040 Receiver Controllers
WJ-9040 Handoff Receivers
WJ-8626A-4 HF Receiver and Controller
5 kHz to 30 MHz coverage - many features and options - see data sheet for details - full receiver plus controller for up to 34 other receivers
WJ-8625-1 VLF Receiver
200 Hz - 1.5MHz AM, FM, CW, USB, LSB
WJ-8626A-1 HF Receiver
5 kHz - 30 MHz AM, FM, CW, USB, LSB
WJ-8628-4 VHF Receiver and Controller
20-512 MHz, 20-1100 MHz with FE option, first generation of the receiver, replaced by the A version below
WJ-8627-2 VHF Receiver
20-100 MHz AM & FM
WJ-8627-4 VHF Receiver
100-180 MHz AM & FM
WJ-8628A-4 VHF/UHF
Receiver and Controller

20-512 MHz basic coverage, 20-1400 MHz with FE option, 20-2000 MHz with FE2 option, many features and options - see data sheet for details - full receiver plus controller for up to 34 other receivers
WJ-8627-5 VHF Receiver
180-300 MHz AM & FM
WJ-8627-6 UHF Receiver
220-440 MHz AM & FM
WJ-8628-1 VHF/UHF Receiver
20-512 MHz AM, FM, CW (USB, LSB opt)

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WJ-9040 System Components

These are units designed to fit in the EFR100 equipment frame and expand the capabilities of the receivers. This is only a partial list of what is available.
ASU-226A audio switching unit PHF101 single HF preselector
DDF102 direction finding unit and display PHF102 dual independent HF preselector
DLP100 data logging and printing unit PHF103 triple independent HF preselector
MRU109 modulation recognition unit SDU100 spectrum display 455 kHz/21.4 MHz
MVU104 VHF/UHF multicoupler SSU226 signal switching unit

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