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WJ-8888 Receiver Series

WJ-8888 data sheet WJ-8888 manual from Premium RX website under References
  WJ-8888 manual from BAMA website - this one has a mirror

WJ-8888 HF receiver

This is the first digitally tuned and controllable radio receiver brought ot market. Rohde & Schwarz was hot on WJ's heels. Ulrich Rohde disparaged this radio in a classfied government authorized evaluation. Nevertheless it is a marvel of engineering. But it is the first, despite the claims on the R&S website.

The radio is all discrete logic ICs without a microprocessor. Getting from one end of the dial to the other can be tedious. They can create high levels of internal noise and there were production problems with some circuit cards. Three versions are known to exist, the plain, A and B. Substantial production differences and subtle feature differences exist between the three versions.

WJ engineers tell me the model number was chosen as double 88 because of it's mean in ham radio shorthand (love and kisses)

All versions of this receiver are scarce. The production numbers for the WJ-8718 series dwarf the number of "Quad 8" receivers that WJ made.