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I have a limited selection of manuals, mostly original, for sale.
Details can be found here.

Repair services

Jerry Sommer - jsommer@bright.net

Dennis Karski - sigintdf@sbcglobal.net

PCS Associates officially closed on October 10th, 2015. The reasons were never disclosed. I am told investors wanted to change course. The closure required an NDA which precludes any further discussion. Several customers had open contracts with PCS which were either closed or transferred to Steve Pappin for completion. He will follow up with those who have open orders. All other PCS operations have been discontinued. All related materials have been eliminated.

Manual copies

DRS Technologies

Very limited selection. Most older manuals were destroyed when the Gaithersburg facility moved to a new location on late 2014.

Online information

PCS Associates - online manuals no longer available. See explanation above Triquint - descendent of WJ's Solid-State group - large collection of Tech Notes free for download
Premium RX listserve - online discussion group for Premium receivers Premium RX Web site - online manuals under reference section
Kong DX-pedition page - datasheets for WJ-8711, WJ-8712 and other premium receivers WJ-8888/B2 Web site - info and newly designed remote control for the world's first digital radio