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Rapid Acquisition Spectrum Processor

WJ-9195C top inside WJ-9195C bottom inside WJ-9195C rear

WJ-9195C advertisement

WJ-9195C data sheet

WJ 1988 catalog (on p15)

internal WJ-8628-1 receiver

earlier WJ-9195 unit

WJ 1993 catalog (on p20)

WJ-9195C Rapid Acquisition Spectrum Processor

The WJ-9195C Rapid Acquisition Spectrum Processor is designed for high speed location of unknown RF signals in the 20 to 1100 MHz range (expandable to 2 MHz to 1400 MHz). It scans an incredibly fast (for 1988) 1 GHz per second with a resolution of 5 or 25 kHz. It can handoff and control up to 15 receivers.

The electroluminescent touch screen can display six programmable width spectrums anywhere within the range of the RASP unit. IF demodulation was an option, but with it installed, the unit is a full AM, FM, CW, USB, LSB receiver with up to four IF bandwidths (uses WJ-9928 IF filter boards common to other WJ receivers).

A 1997 catalog listing for the WJ-9195C says it contains a modified WJ-8628-1 handoff receiver from the WJ-9040 receiver series.
Data on the WJ-8628-1 receiver can be found here. The entire unit weighs approximately 90 lbs!

A sophisticated unit. At least two are known to be in private hands. See the data sheet for a full decription and list of options.


bottom view



The WJ-8628-1 handoff receiver module is visible in the upper middle of the picture at the left and below.


WJ-9195C rear panel


The older WJ-9195 was a Digitally Refreshed Display (DRD) unit designed for controlling a specially modified WJ-8617B receiver external to the RASP unit. I don't know if a WJ-9195B existed.

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