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WJ Briefcase Surveillance Systems

This is a tiny sampling of what is out there. WJ made many of these systems.
Most of them were custom order by agencies and were never publicized.
If you have information and pictures on anything else, please contact me.
CEI and WJ Surveillance and Receiving Systems guide
multi-channel receiver
This is one tantalizing suitcase full of goodies. A multichannel receiver (looks like six) with frequency coverage from DC to 2 GHz. Integral DAT tape drive. Battery or AC operation.
Very slick unit.
WJ-8922 DC - 3 GHz
TSCM receiver
A briefcase with two receivers, one of which can function as a demodulator to search for subcarriers.
WJ-9024 20-500 MHz
dual receiver
A dual receiver in two interconnected suitcases with a strange, digitally controlled, tapped delay line system.