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Fixed and Mobile Surveillance Systems

This is a tiny sampling of what is out there. WJ made many of these systems.
Most of them were custom order by agencies and were never publicized.
If you have information and pictures on anything else, please contact me.
CEI and WJ Surveillance and Receiving Systems guide


The RS-160 (Receiving System) is typical of the custom configurable, surveillance systems that CEI designed (and eventually WJ for this model was produced under both names). In full glory it scanned 2-1000 MHz and displayed the entire spectrum in seven traces with seven additional user defined sector bands on a single CRT display (preferably large). Amazingly it did all this scanning and display generation without any microprocessors and a bare minimum of digital circuitry. Unbelievably advanced surveillance capabilities for its time.

WJ-8610A Multiple receiver controller

WJ-8610A is designed to control up to 14 WJ-861x series receivers via GPIB. Some versions also simultaneously controlled recording equipment.

WJ-8986 N-Channel Correlative Vector DF System

A sophisticated, compact and accurate direction finding system. This unit can contain between 3 and 5 DF receivers and combine their results for best accuracy. Depending on configuration, it can cover anywhere from 2 MHz to 2 GHz and scan at 50 MHz per second. At least one is known to be in private hands.

Two data sheets are available for this unit. - The WJ-8986 from 1991 - The WJ-8986A from 1997

WJ-9195 Rapid Acquisition Spectrum Processor (RASP)

A powerful surveillance tool. Scans an displays 20-1100 MHz spectrum with 50 millisecond update rate. Simultaneously displays a 5 MHz sector centered on the tuned frequency of the receiver. Internal control based on GPIB. Also has external GPIB for computer control.

WJ-9195C Rapid Acquisition Spectrum Processor (RASP)

A more modern version of the early WJ-9195. It is all contained in a box the size of the CRT in the original RASP unit. The electroluminescent panel is a touch screen and the unit could be configured as a full fledged receiver with remote control and handoff capability or 15 other receivers. A powerful surveillance tool.

WJ-36500 SIRS Microwave Receiving System

A 30 MHz to 40 GHz (110 GHz optional) receiving system designed for ESM, ELINT or COMINT. A West Coast WJ radio from the San Jose facility. Consists of C-100 Control Display (bottom), C-200 Dual-Panel Scan Display (middle) and WJ-36500 Equipment Frame for demodulators (top). Tuner modules are external to the unit in the picture.

More details on the WJ-36500 data sheet.

The WJ-36500 is also featured in the 1990 Reconnaissance Electronics Systems Catalog