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WJ-8709 Receivers

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WJ-8709 data sheet WJ-8718 available options (some available for the 8709)
Spectrum Monitor Output options
for tapping the IF prior to the filter stages (the 8709 and 8718 use the same RF input module)

The WJ-8709 is a half rack version of the WJ-8718 (18/2 = 9). The basic receiver is digitally controlled but has no microprocessor. Standard configuration tuned DC to 30 MHz. Performance in the LF range is very good. IF bandwidths of 0.3, 1, 3.2, 8 and 16 kHz are standard. Standard receiving modes are AM, FM, CW, USB and LSB. Some of the options for the WJ-8718 like RS-232, GPIB remote control and FSK were available.

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Construction quality and serviceability are superb. The radio is entirely card cage construction. Most of the cards are the same as the WJ-8718 with the major excepetion of the synthesizer card (bottom most card). Obviously no room for large options like the preselector inside this radio.

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The option sticker in the center of the rear panel only tells you what was in the radio when it left the factory. When buying one of these radios, you should always check to see the cards and cabling for the options is actually present . This one has FSK demodulator (more common on 8709s than 8718s) and GPIB remote control (488-2).

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