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1966 CEI catalog - 1968 CEI Catalog

357 - A very fine LF and VLF receiver. Produced in many variations, some with and some without digital frequency counter or filmstrip dial.

901-1 - One of the first surveillance radios (with the companion 701 UHF radio) developed and sold by CEI. Several variations were made.



R-1449 - An uncommon radio built by CEI for Sylvania under subcontract as part of the WLR-6 "Waterboy" ELINT system which was installed on SSN class submarines and some surface craft.

RS-111 front panel

RS-111 series - one of the best selling earlier designs developed by CEI. It continued to be listed in the WJ catalog, (with an updated WJ name tag) for years. This is the receiver used in the famous Watergate scandal.