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WJ-8618 Receiver Series

The WJ-8618 is the EMI hardened version of the WJ-8617. The guts of the radio are essentially identical. The WJ-8618 adds shielding and bypassing for control of spurious emissions, especially through any external connector.

Testing for an S1 version

NOTE: There are significant differences between the plain, A, B and B(S1) versions of the radio. More to follow but you can glean some information from the configuration guide.

Testing for an S1 version

You can do a power on test to see if a WJ-8617B radio is an S1 version. Simply depress and hold the MAN button as you turn the power on. It will display the model with version number. The other versions will not respond to this sequence.

version guide - entire series

available options

S1 version configuration switches - see S1 versions in the version guide to learn how to test your radio for S1 and version numbers

Pluggable Keypad Controller (PKC) schematic - an easy to build circuit that adds keypad frequency entry to these radios.