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The Ralph E. Grimm Company was founded in 1977 by former CEI founder Ralph Grimm. Ralph retired from Communication Electronics Inc after he found Watkins Johnson control of his former company unbearable. Several CEI staff left Watkins Johnson to help him with his new venture.

The Ralph E. Grimm Co. was a design firm composed almost entirely of hardware and software engineers. They leased space in the Racal USA facility. All their designs were manufactured in the adjacent Racal facility by Racal employees. Racal included their products in their sales literature and in their booths at trade shows.

Ralph died shortly after Regco developed the RG-5500, their first receiver. The Ralph E. Grimm Company quietly dropped Ralph's name and became simply Regco. The company continued for several years, some them as a division of Racal before disappearing.

Examples of Regco equipment are very rare. Catalogs, literature and manuals are extremely rare.

Regco RG-5500 VHF/UHF receiver


Regco RG-1101 speaker